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Capture Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Moment with Our Surprise Proposal Photoshoot in Ireland

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📸 Let the Emerald Isle Be the Witness to Your Love Story 📸

Welcome to Your Dream Proposal

In the heart of Ireland, where the landscapes whisper tales of love and legend, your perfect moment awaits. With Fab's Photography, your surprise proposal will be immortalized against the most enchanting backdrops Ireland has to offer. From the dramatic cliffs that embrace the Atlantic to the mystical beauty of ancient castles, your proposal story will be as captivating as the setting itself.

Why Choose Ireland for Your Surprise Proposal?

Ireland, with its unspoiled beauty and rich history, provides a canvas like no other for your proposal. The Wild Atlantic Way, with its untamed beauty, the tranquil Lakes of Killarney, and the timeless charm of Dublin's cobbled streets, are just the beginning. Let Ireland's magic be the backdrop for your new beginning.

Our Specialty: Capturing Your Unseen Moments

Fab's Photography is not just about taking pictures; it's about capturing the essence of your unique story. We specialize in discreetly photographing your surprise moment, ensuring that the focus is on the genuine emotions and joy of your engagement. Our aim is to create a treasure trove of memories that reflect your love and the beauty of Ireland.


What We Offer:

  • Pre-Proposal Consultation: Let's plan the perfect setup together. We'll discuss locations, timing, and all the details to ensure your proposal is everything you've dreamed of.

  • Discreet Photography: Our expertise lies in capturing your moment without intruding, ensuring the authenticity of your surprise.

  • Stunning Backdrops: Choose from Ireland's most iconic locations or let us recommend hidden gems for your proposal.

  • Personalized Packages: From the moment leading up to your proposal to the joyous celebrations afterward, we offer packages tailored to your story.

  • High-Quality Keepsakes: Receive beautifully edited, high-resolution images that tell your love story.

Start Planning Your Unforgettable Proposal

Your journey begins here. Contact us to schedule your pre-proposal consultation. Together, we'll craft a moment that not only surprises your loved one but also creates a timeless memory set against the stunning tapestry of Ireland.

Ready to make magic? Let's capture the start of your forever.

Customer Love: Rave Reviews from Our Happy Clients

Marc & Laura
Dublin Castle

Let's plan it!

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