Fabrice Jolivet Photography is a professional photographer in Dublin, easy to a moderate photo shoot in Ireland. You are looking for a photographer near Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Howth, Bray Co Wicklow, Wicklow and surrounding area. Professional Photoshoot for Couple, family, portraits and fashion and more.


At Fabrice Jolivet Photography, you won’t find any cloth or paper backdrops. You won’t find any sterile white studios or artificial sets. There won’t be any props or forced poses.

In fact, we’re going to throw mediocrity and ‘tradition’ right out the window. 

Rather, we’ll journey across landscapes in search of the light. 

We’ll adventure across golden fields and into green forests.

We’ll explore the winding cobblestone paths of city streets, just as twilight does her dusky evening dance all around us. 

We’ll blink in awe as the sun sets the horizon on fire - pinks, reds and oranges pirouetting around our heads like a dream.

We’ll run underneath big blue clouds, and splash in sparkly coastal waters. 

We’ll capture tiny moments outside, in the world all around us. just as it’s supposed to be. just the way your dog likes it. 

At Fabrice Jolivet Photography, our philosophy is that dogs belong in the natural world.

You know, the one they were made for.

The one they live in everyday.

The one where they can sniff, run, jump, dig and play.

The one where they can squish those inquiring muzzles into the mud and explore.

The one where they can get dirty, get silly, and feel the sun’s warm rays sparkling across their backs.

They one where they can be exactly what they’re meant to be - dogs. 

At Fabrice Jolivet Photography, photo shoot - expect no script. No rigid plans, no shot list or unnatural poses.

Expect lots of laughing and lots of exploring. Lots of silliness and lots of fun. And most importantly, Lots of dogs just being dogs. 

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