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Corporate Photography

Event Photojournalism

I am inspired by one simple truth, “A moment is defined not only by its subject, but also by the effect it has on those who share it.”  I believe life’s milestones deserve to be photographed with this in mind.

Every detail large and small. Every feeling from only the right angles. From the behind-the-scenes preparations to the spotlighted celebrations. Un-scripted, un-posed and nothing like traditional wedding photography.

Drawing on my extensive background in Photojournalism and Events, I pioneered the stylistic shift to “Event Photojournalism”.

I deploy a variety of photographic techniques to uncover a richer, more human depth, and utilise perspective and framing to tell a story that will only improve with time. All accomplished with a relaxed intelligence and light-footed presence that puts our clients at ease, allowing them to more fully inhabit the big moments in their lives.

John Riney - County Kerry
Business All Stars