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Affordable Portrait Photography: My Pricing Breakdown

If you're in the market for a portrait photoshoot, you may be wondering how much it will cost. Look no further! Here's a detailed breakdown of my pricing for portrait photography, designed to fit a variety of budgets without sacrificing quality.

My portrait photography package includes a pre-shoot consultation to discuss your vision and preferences, a one-hour photoshoot at a location of your choice, professional editing of the best images, and a digital gallery of high-resolution images for you to download and share. Additional prints and products can be purchased separately. I strive to provide affordable pricing without compromising on the quality of the final product.

The packages are valid for up to 6 people and I charge 20€ per extra person. For example for 10 people if you chose the Prestige Package, that will be 550€ + 4x20 = 630€


The suggested itineraries are just an example of what is doable and we could of course chose some other locations depending on your wishes.


If you feel like you will need more time or you wish something really personalized, just send me an email with detailed information and we'll prepare together a package tailored to your needs.


If you need I could also provide you with contact info of make up artists and hair dressers I'm working with.

In order to secure the date I will ask you a 30% deposit. The balance shall be paid on the shooting day. 


After the photoshoot I will send you a few images the next day so you can share it while in Paris and the full set within a week.


If you need more images than included in the package, you can purchase additional photos at € 7,00 each.

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